KEDIERS 240mm AIO RGB CPU Liquid Cooler Rotating Infinity Mirror Design RGB Connector 120mm Radiator RGB Fans Motherboard Synchronization and Intelligent Temperature Control

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  • 2*Rad RGB FANS --The fans speed can be automatically adjusted according to the CPU temperature, providing better airflow and lower noise. (Note: The PWM mode must be set in BOIS before liquid cooler operation, otherwise the fan will run at a fixed speed of full speed or low speed)
  • ARGB Lighting -- With a new designed cap and larger infinity mirror ring LED.
  • Dense pure aluminum water cooling row design -- The all aluminum high-density fin increases the heat dissipation area by 20%, which is conducive to rapid heat conduction. The internal low resistance structure design improves the water flow, enhances the heat dissipation efficiency, and effectively and quickly reduces the CPU temperature.
  • Synchronizable Lighting via Motherboard -- It allows you to control AIO RGB CPU Liquid Cooler lighting with 5V-3PIN addressable RGB motherboards.
  • FEP polymer cold pipe -- The evaporation rate of water cooling liquid is lower, and the outer layer is wrapped with woven mesh. It feels soft and delicate, resistant to corrosion and oxidation, and prolongs the service life.